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Steps followed when proofreading and editing 

We offer proofreading and editing services, however these services are provided free for every essay that is ordered with us, however customers who have their final paper can order to these services at a cost.

These services involves a number of steps that are outlined below:

1. Reading the original instructions

Our writers read the instructions that were originally provided, this is to determine the requirements of the paper.

2. Reading the final draft:

our writers proceed to read the draft paper and determine whether the instructions were followed and identify any missing information in the paper

3. Editing:

This is the third steps that involves adding information, rectifying and removing some of the information that may be deemed relevant or irrelevant.

4. Grammar and Plagiarism:

When all the above steps are complete, the paper is then scanned using our third party grammar and plagiarism software 

5. Delivery:

The final essay paper is delivered to the client via email.

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